Cake orders

All of Kildare Treats cakes are made to your specifications. The cost of your cake will depend on the size, flavour and type of decoration you choose, so before you make a booking you should consider the following:

What size cake should you choose?

We normally recommend that you get a cake that will serve between a half the number of guests and two thirds the number of guests coming, depending on how much food will be served along with the cake.

For example, if you have 30 guests coming then we would recommend ordering a cake to serve 15-20 guests. 

You also have the option of having a multi-tiered cake where different sized cakes are stacked  on top of one another.

What flavour cake would you like?

The following would be a list of all the flavours we make starting with the most popular:

Vanilla buttercream cake, chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate fudge cake, red velvet cake, lemon buttercream cake, raspberry & white chocolate cake, lemon & white chocolate cake, carrot cake, raspberry & lemon cake, chocolate-orange cake, chocolate & coconut cake, death by chocolate cake, raspberry buttercream cake, carrot & walnut cake, rocky road cake, orange buttercream cake, hazelnut praline cake, chocolate hazelnut praline cake, coffee cake, mocha cake, caramel cake, chocolate & caramel cake.

What type of decoration would you like to add to your final cake?

  1. Edible photo prints?
  2. Edible figures or items (known as cake toppers)?
  3. Edible flowers? Edible gold paint? Sprinkles? Treats such as macarons or meringues?

So how much will it all cost?

The starting prices are as follows but different types of decoration will add to these prices:

Contact us directly for further size options or to get a quote on a specific cake design

1 Tier cake:

Prices include up to 1 hour of decoration time for a more complicated cake design decoration time costs €15.00/hour

Round cake Square cake Extra tall round cake Vanilla Other
4 inch     €17.00 €18.50
5 inch 4 inch   €23.50 €26.50
6 inch 5 inch 5 inch €30.00 €35.00
7 inch 6 inch 6 inch €35.00 €40.00
8 inch 7 inch 7 inch €40.00 €45.00
9 inch 8 inch   €47.00 €52.00
10 inch 9 inch 8 inch €50.00 €60.00
11 inch 10 inch   €63.00 €73.00
12 inch 11 inch   €80.00 €90.00
  12 inch   €95.00 €105.00


2 Tiered cake:

Round cake Square cake Vanilla Other
6 inch + 4 inch   €52.00 €58.00
  6 inch + 4 inch €64.00 €72.00
8 inch + 6 inch 7 inch + 5 inch €75.00 €85.00
10 inch + 6 inch 9 inch + 5 inch €85.00 €100.00
10 inch + 8 inch 9 inch + 7 inch €95.00 €110.00


Cake toppers: when edible modelling icing is used to make a figure, character, toy, flower, bow, crown, unicorn horn, etc.

Basic topper €5.00
Posed figure / topper with accessories €10.00
Large topper €15.00
Extra large topper €20.00


Edible photo prints: price per A4 page of prints

Stock prints €5.00
Edited prints €10.00


Edible metallic paint/edible glitter, sprinkles, satin ribbon, lace ribbon, extra large cake boards may cost extra.