Wedding cake with pearls

All wedding cakes, cupcakes and other treats are tailor made to meet the tastes and preferences of the Bride and Groom.


Depending on your specific budget you can choose to have a simple, elegant design or something a bit more adventurous

Three-tiered-wedding-cake-with-flowersWedding cake with pale green & hot pink colour schemeSimple-wedding-cakes-with-giant-cupcakeWedding cake with mint green & coral coloursWedding cake with sunflowers2-tiered wedding cake with flowersSimple-wedding-cake-with-white-flowerWedding cake with silver & lavenderGame of Thrones Wedding cakeLego Wedding cakeMovie themed wedding cakePink-polka-dot-wedding-cake

What size cake will I need?

1. Decide which size slice you want.

  • Traditionally, wedding venues serve very thin slices (less than an inch thick) rather than thicker “party size” slices (about 2 inches thick) like you would have at home. Wedding cake slices are small because it is assumed that you’ll be serving other desserts during the day and only a token piece of wedding cake for your guests in the evening.
  • However, if you are serving the wedding cake as the main dessert you might want to increase the size of each slice to the standard “party size” slice of cake.



2. Decide how many servings you will actually need.

  • With many wedding venues serving a three or four course meal plus a selection of canapés or finger foods during the day, by the time your wedding cake is being served a lot of your guests may not want it. Therefore, you may decide to order a cake with a considerable smaller number of servings than wedding guests.
So how much will it all cost?
Quotes for weddings depend on your specific order:
 – size
 – flavour
 – decoration
The following is an example quote:
Do you have a specific colour scheme or theme for your wedding?
You can order cupcakes or macarons (macaroons) in in the same colours or with the same theme as the rest of the wedding.
Bitesize-cupcakes-&-macarons-in-pink-&-greenvanilla-cupcakes-with-pink-&-blue-decorationsrose-stencil-wedding-cupcakesPastel-coloured-macarons; macaroons
You can check out the other pages of this website for some more guidance in planning your order and if you contact me we can discuss your options further.